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Fetch My Car UK are the Northwests most exclusive driver for hire company providing professional and experienced drivers who drive your car so you don’t have to. All our staff are fully insured to drive your car under our comprehensive business motor trade policy so you can rest assured you and your vehicle are in the best hands.


Here at Fetch My Car UK we know all our clients are unique so we offer a diverse range of services tailor made specifically for each of you. 


We offer corporate and vip memberships packages to suit frequent users and also cater for non members so please remember you do not have to be a member to use our service. For more info check out our members section.


However our mission is clear, to reduce drink driving in our local communities and make our roads a safer place. Each year over 70,000 people are convicted of drink driving related offences in England and Wales alone, our goal is to drive down these figures and offer a unique service to our customers. There are no excuses for drink driving and no quick fix to this never ending battle of making our roads safer. 

fetchmycar UK is the solution we’ve all been waiting for. Join our network and support us in making a difference. 


It’s safe. 

It’s convenient.

It’s fetch.


fetchmycar UK - we are the future.

Partner your business with fetchmycarUK

Join our community of over 150 bars and restaurants in and around the North West.


Special Occasions & Events


Suited & Booted

Business / Corporate


Airport Transfers


Night's Out


Morning After Service

We drive your car so you don't have to!

  • What are fetchmycarUK's opening hours?
    Fetch My Car have drivers who operate 24 hours a day seven days a week including weekends and bank holidays. Booking restrictions apply - please contact a representative for more information.
  • Do I just call up when I'm ready to go home?
    Yes it’s as simple as booking a taxi you can simply call us when you are ready to leave and we’ll allocate a driver to you. Like any service we recommend booking in advance to avoid waiting times and to ensure we have drivers available in your area at that time.
  • Do I need to be a fetchmycarUK member to book?
    No you do not need to be a member to book with fetch my car, however our members receive exclusive offers and continued all year round discounts so if you’re a regular user of Fetch my car it definitely pays off to be a member. Please see our membership section to see which option if most suited to you or your organisation.
  • How will I recognise my driver?
    You will recognise your driver as they will be wearing our company uniform. The driver will also be looking out for you and your vehicle and they will contact you when they arrive at the pick up location.
  • Does it cost more to book fetchmycarUK during peak time?
    Fetch My Car journeys are priced by mileage but as every job is unique prices may vary depending on your specific requirements but the standard mileage charge remains the same during peak hours so there will be no price surges.
  • Do you have female drivers?
    Yes we can provide female drivers if we have any available so we would recommend booking in advance if you have any specific requirements.
  • I’m banned from driving but still have a vehicle, can I still hire a driver?"
    Yes you can hire a driver to chauffeur you around if you are banned ensuring the vehicle is already annually insured.
  • Will my vehicle and I be fully protected in the event of an accident or bump on the road?
    100% - Our insurers provide us with a fully comprehensive business motor trade policy. This protects your vehicle and all passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find us

fetchmycar UK

54 St. James Street, Liverpool, 

England, L10AB

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What do our members think of us...

Absolutely love fetchmycar UK. As soon as my friend told me about them I just knew I had to sign up. Third time I’ve used them and I couldn’t fault them. We’ve just booked to be picked up from our friends wedding next week in Chester it’s so much easier knowing we can drive there ourselves, have a good time and not worry about how we're getting home or being over the limit. 

Would highly recommend this service. I usually leave me car outside the pub on a Friday after work and have to taxi it back the next morning hungover - so much easier using fetchmycar UK.

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