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Join the fetchmycar UK community by signing up your venue as a free member today and access some of the fantastic benefits that come with it.


What can Fetch My Car offer or do for my business if I sign my venue up:


Fetch My Car provide offer FREE advertising of your venue on our socials and in our local newsletters 

We can make your venue more accessible

Offer your customers a convenient method of getting home they never had before 

Gives your customers the chance to stay longer ordering more drinks naturally increasing the average spend  

10% Staff discount on our services 

Priority booking for staff and customers 

Free promotional products such as beer mats, toilet advertising, flyers wall mounted plaques and much much more

Be represented as a venue that promotes responsible drinking without lifting a finger

Dont miss out on the chance to get involved with any campaigns we run across the Nothwest.



Join the ever growing list of fantastic businesses supporting our vision today:

Ying Wah 

 - Woolton -



- Wavertree -


Steak House


- Aigburth Road -

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